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Keep-it reacts to temperature and shows accurate shelf life.

Keep-it knows at any time the actual shelf life of a product as it react to the variations of temperature the product has been exposed to. This means that you know much more about the durability of the product than what you can read from the static date stamp being used today. Continue reading

How Keep-it works

High acclaim at the international EAT Stockholm Food Forum

EAT Award Kristen Hovland, daglig leder i Keep-it Technologies mottar prisen for Local EAT Award 2015 fra administrerende direktør i Nordic Choice Hotels, Torgeir Silseth og administrerende direktør i NHO, Kristin Skogen Lund.

At the EAT Stockholm Food Forum on 1 June, Keep-it Technologies received an award for the best sustainable solution for environment and health. Continue reading

Keep-it is adapted to each unique food product

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Keep-it shows the correct shelf life because it is adapted to each food product. Continue reading

Why does the date stamp have a different expiration date?


Is the date stamp and Keep-it expiration date different on the packaging? This is completely normal and demonstrates why Keep-it is important! Here you can read why. Continue reading